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Why would you hire us?

cornwall web designYou will find at Cornwall Web Design we offer affordable, professional web designs and search engine optimisation. You can have your own site up and running from as little as £100 (see SERVICES AND PRICING) so email or give us a call now to discuss your needs. We are a freelance company with great web designers based in Truro, Cornwall.

Are you thinking of having a web site created or need yours updating because it isn’t providing you with any business?

If you are looking to do business online then web design is going to be an important factor. Almost every business is going online these days and those who arn’t are getting left behind and potentially losing custom. You only have to look at the latest large highstreet casualties to see how important having a website for your business is.

Why do you want a website? Sometimes its for something personal but more often than not it is for a business reason. You want to provide information and offer easy access to you for your customers. Websites can be created to look beautiful like those specialising in graphic design Cornwall but they may not deliver the results you are looking for and as more and more people are visiting the internet for a business reason this has to be right when it comes to web design. We will ensure your site looks great while making it search engine friendly.

Designing a website can be quite a complex process which involves a number of different factors. You can hire a professional to make the whole process much easier for you. You need to know exactly what you are looking for before embarking on the process and having a website built or having one made over. You can of course listen to your web designer for ideas and they may be able to help you with what your final goal is.

What information do you need to provide to Cornwall Web Design?

You ideally should have an idea about colour, photographs, images and text you may want included. The most important thing is that your website looks appealing to visitors and makes them want to stay and look around. This can be in the form of a good article, photos, video etc. All these things grab peoples attention and make them more likely to stay on your site. Remember the old saying, a photograph speaks a thousand words! Adding photos that compliment your site is very important and help with the visual appearance.

A well organised website is important. How many times have you been to a website, could not see what you were looking for in the first few seconds and moved on to another? You need to ensure everything is easy to see, easily accessible and doesn’t require any time or thought. With regard to time, you also want your site to open quickly, so therefore don’t want it cluttered with too many large files.

You need to check your site reguarly to ensure everything is working correctly and your information is up to date, test your links are working correctly etc.

What are the mistakes we a web designer may look for?

Well there are plenty but lets look at some of them:

1. Intros using Flash: There are some fantastic looking sites out there but they are so slow. Most people will be hitting the back button before its had chance to load and there are better choices we can help you with.

2. Text size and colour: Try to keep your text at a standard size. If your text is too small or too large its becomes hard to read, not to mention pretty annoying. Try to have your site written in the general text size you see in most places on the internet. We also have colour, for me trying to read yellow text on a light background is going to get me hitting the back button and moving on. If you have come acoss this you will know what I mean.

3. Fonts: This kind of goes hand in hand with text size and colour, try to stick to the common fonts – Arial, Georgia, Tahoma or Verdana. The more obscure ones you start to use the less readers will be able to read them and once again you are losing potential customers. A place you may want to use different fonts is in logos and headings but even then make them easy to read.

4. Ads on your site: There is nothing wrong with adverts on your site, especially if you wish to make some money from them but sometimes you can go way over the top. Think about what happens when you visit a site with too many ads, how does that website come across to you? Not so much a source of information but more just a page of ads.

5. Plugins: Don’t have too many on one page. You really should be keeping it to just one different type on each page. If you want Flash then don’t have a media player or Java. We tend to keep our sites simple and easy to use.

6. Broken Links: Try to check your links regularly to ensure they still work. How do you feel when you visit a site and most of the links don’t work. Not only is it annoying, you will be hitting the back button and heading off to another site. Make sure you keep up with your site maintenance.

7. Internal Links that are unclear: Alot of web pages are created to show links when the mouse is hovered over them. Ideally you want to ensure the links stand out with a different coloured text, bold, italic or underlined.

8. Email links that are not labelled: You want to ensure your email link or mailto link is labelled as email rather than your name. Some people maybe clicking on your name to find out some information about you and don’t wish to just be linked to an email.

9. Poor Navigation and site layout: Do you have or want a website where you are asking visitors to do things? If this is the case then try to put these on the home page or otherwise you site navigation is up to the task.

10. External Links: External links are great but, like internal links, make sure you make them stand out or mark them some how. This can be done with a different colour or using a symbol to help visitors notice them. Another good idea is to have external links open in a new window, so that users arn’t leaving your site when they click on them.

We have made available many articles to help you in your choice of website and are always ready to help you with your needs. We love website design and Cornwall is a fantastic place to live and work and having lived here all my life I know the area and its beauty well and we at Cornwall Web Design can  help anyone with their website or SEO.